Level 1 Lymphoedema Course Mentoring Program

After completing a lymphoedema / chronic oedema course it can often be daunting to start treating clients as you need to put all you have learned into practice. Not every scenario can be covered in a course and the the courses aim to provide you with knowledge, skills, and clinical reasoning to adapt to each presentation. Clinical reasoning develops over time and the more clients you see the better it becomes. However, when you start you sometimes need reassurance that your clinical judgment is correct or need to discuss which option should be chosen. The mentoring sessions after the completion of the course are available to assist you in this journey.

The sessions will be provide you with an opportunity to discuss case studies, clinical questions or management issues with Maree O’Connor and peers that have completed a course in the past 12 months. Please complete the form below to express your interest and the areas you would like to be covered.

Choose the areas you would like to be discussed

Expression of Interest for Mentoring Sessions

Numbers will be limited for each session. Please choose from the following dates. You can choose more than one.

Case Study Contribution

These sessions are designed to assist your clinical needs. If you have a case study that you need some help with please indicate below. You will need to provide some background on the case 1 week prior to the session to allow participants time to read over it and be ready for discussion at the session. Photos will assist. A template will be provided.

Future Sessions