Commonwealth Parliamentary Friends of Lymphoedema

Commonwealth Parliamentary Friends of Lymphoedema


On the 20th of March 2024, the Parliamentary Friends of Lymphoedema group will be launched at Parliament House, Canberra.

The establishment of this group is the result of the dedicated efforts of Ms. Monique Bareham (Local Hero of the Year SA 2022) and Ms. Louise Miller–Frost MP, along with her office, who have all invested numerous hours of hard work.

The aim of the group is to provide a non-partisan forum for parliamentarians to discuss issues and raise awareness of lymphoedema. It is the hope that this group will provide a space for lymphoedema experts, stakeholder organisations, health policy makers and consumers to come together to drive improvements in health outcomes of all Australians affected by lymphoedema.

The Federal Members who are part of this group are:

Louise Miller-Frost MP (Co-Chair),
Dr Monique Ryan MP (Co-Chair)
Senator Marielle Smith
Dr Gordon Reid MP
Senator Louise Pratt
Senator Anne Ruston
Senator Deborah O’Neill
Steve Georganas MP
Rebekah Sharkie MP
Sally Sitou MP

This presents a fantastic chance for the concerns related to lymphoedema to be heard nationally.

What can you do?

It is the opportune moment for individuals connected to lymphoedema, whether experiencing it firsthand, supporting someone dealing with it, or aiding in its management, to engage with their local federal representative. Inform them about the inauguration of this group and encourage their participation, shedding light on the various challenges associated with lymphoedema.

Ministers represent their constituents; therefore, sending a letter or email to your local member is crucial to ensure your concerns are effectively communicated. To find out how to do this, Oxfam has an excellent web page.

Do you need some help to find your local member? Click the link below to seach…

Be sure to motivate your local member to join the launch. If possible, please complete the form below so your communication can be followed up with the Minister during the event.

Copy and share the image below on your social media channels to help spread the word and attract greater interest from local members

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