Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

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This course provides physiotherapists with essential knowledge of outpatient therapeutic approaches in breast cancer care. A comprehensive review of current diagnostic, surgical, radiation, reconstructive and medical oncologic management for breast cancer is included. Special attention is given to the evaluation, differential diagnosis, and treatment of axillary web syndrome (cording) and postural and scapular dysfunction as well as upper-quadrant soft-tissue changes following breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy. An up-to-date review of recent research findings regarding breast cancer-related lymphedema is presented.

Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Instructional Method: Online/Distance Learning

This course is open to Physiotherapists.

Lymphoedema Education Solutions (LES) has reviewed this course. LES has found that this course is delivered by a Physical Therapist who demonstrates physiotherapy assessment and management techniques that require, as a prerequisite, undergraduate level practical skills in shoulder assessment and treatment. This is essential to maintain the safety and appropriateness of treatment for the individual.

NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the skills acquired in this class are within their scope of practice.

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