Chronic Oedema Below Knee Management Course Training Kit

Chronic Oedema Below Knee Management Course Training Kit

$1,080.00 inc GST

The products in this kit have multiple uses:

  • They will be used as part of the practical component of the course.
  • Showing and demonstrating the various products with your clients.
  • As part of training the carers in your organisation via the Chronic Oedema Below Knee Carer Training Course.
  • Ongoing refresher courses for your organisation.


The kit includes


  • Measuring board including 2 retractable tapes and toe tapes
  • Knee pads X 2


  • Roller and exercise ball to assist with self massage

Exercise products

  • Pedometer and log book – to motivate your clients to get moving


  • Foot wrap
  • Leg wrap
  • Two Below knee compression stockings
  • Below knee night-time garment –
  • Steve demo bag full kit that includes:
      • 2 X garment Steve on and off devices – Apply and remove compression stockings ina few steps without bending down
      • 2 X Steve gloves – for maximum grip on stockings
      • 2 X Steve glide – assist getting garments on
  • Gus grip mat – anti-slip mat to aid donning and doffing hosiery
  • 1 bottle of skin adhesive – for maintaining the position of garments

Skin care

  • Naqi Bodyscreen – Assists garment doffing and reduces friction and skin chafing
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