Become a Lymphoedema Practitioner – Level 1

Last updated: June 30, 2020
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The Level 1 lymphoedema courses provide the practitioner with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning in the management of uncomplicated lymphoedema. Each practitioner brings with them a wealth of knowledge in assessing and managing a variety of health conditions. These courses will utilise and expand upon their current knowledge and skills to facilitate their learning experience. It is hoped on completion it will have stimulated and enticed the practitioner to further explore various aspects of lymphoedema management and their role as a lymphoedema practitioner

Lymphoedema Education Solutions offers you a unique opportunity to build your Level 1 lymphoedema education experience. There are three course options:

  • Upper Limb Level 1 Lymphoedema Course (Click here for course description, dates and registration)
  • Lower Limb Level 1 Lymphoedema Course (Chronic Oedema Lower Limb Course – Click here for course description, dates and registration)
  • The Complete Level 1 Lymphoedema Course (Lower Limb + Upper Limb Level 1 Lymphoedema courses). This option is currently required to be eligible to be registered on the ALA National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register as a Category 1 practitioner details can be found at

The course is open to registered health professionals only (Division 1 Nurses, Medical Practitioners, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists). Please note if you have had treatment for cancer, have lymphoedema or are pregnant please indicate this on the registration form as it may affect your suitability to attend the course.

Course themes

The course is developed around four themes.
Theme 1

The role of the lymphoedema practitioner and its development.

Theme 2

Knowledge development in the following areas:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system;
  • Pathophysiology of lymphoedema;
  • Cancer and its management (breast cancer, gynaecological cancer and melanoma);
  • Oedema differential diagnosis;
  • Assessment of lymphoedema;
  • Psychosocial aspects of lymphoedema;
  • Management of lymphoedema.

  • Theme 3

Lymphoedema skill development in the following areas;

Treatment of upper and lower limb uncomplicated lymphoedema.

Theme 4

Applied practice. The focus of this theme is in developing skills that are required for clinical practice. It integrates elements from the other 3 themes and has a focus on clinical reasoning.

Course characteristics

The key characteristics of the Level 1 lymphoedema course curriculum are:

Continuum of Health Professional Education

The course provides opportunities for developing the practitioner’s education in lymphoedema management taking into account their profession and at the same time acknowledging that each practitioner will bring to the course expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas.

Cased Based Learning

The course is underpinned by the exploration of lymphoedema management through case studies that will facilitate integration of information and skills to specific lymphoedema conditions. This will facilitate an authentic learning experience.

Interdisciplinary Care

The course fosters an appreciation of interdisciplinary teamwork and explores the roles and their development of lymphoedema practitioners across professions. The participant will have specific areas of expertise that they can draw upon and assist other learners.

Integrated Curriculum

The goal of the integrated curriculum of this course is to bring the learner beyond skill and concept acquisition to creativity and evidence based decision-making and implementation in practice.